beluga cat

 General Information

  1. Beluga lives at 123 Freddy Fazbear Pizza in Honolulu, Hawaii.[1]
  2. His weight is 21 (the unit of mass is never given).
  3. His height is 2.
  4. He is 2 years old, but in one episode when he was kidnapped it listed his age as 19.
  5. His bedtime is always at 7pm, even though his school days are always random, and always start at random times of day.
  6. At 7pm he turns from a human into a cat.
  7. He owns both Apple and Kahoot.

Physical Appearance
He has two forms:

Human form: Beluga is young man with fair skin, brown hair and eyes.
Cat form: Beluga is a white cat. Near his right ear is a brown spot. He has a brown spot on his back as well. He also has yellow eyes, and a red nose. On his YouTube profile pic, and Youtooz collectible, he’s often seen with the meme sunglasses.

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 wikipedia:Beluga whale


The precise day Beluga was born differs. He was born on March 4, 2002, in 2007, 2008, 2019, or 1991, according to multiple videos. The most likely date is March 4, 2002, though.

On May 3rd, 2007, Skittle and Beluga had a Discord conversation. Beluga finally got in touch with him on Discord between May 3rd, 2020, and May 2nd, 2021, after a protracted absence. Skittle has a new account: skittle new account#1945, his mother wrote back after using the account. Since Skittle later used the other account, it is unknown if he merely trolling Beluga with that account, which had a Rickroll link in its bio. [2]

2006, June 6. Hecker and Beluga visited an amusement park while on vacation in Mexico.

Beluga attempted to play Among Us on a Discord server on June 6th, 2021, but discovered that he hadn't yet been verified. He struggled to win Ralph's respect and confidence as the server moderator. [3]

Beluga began travelling in Lester's Minivan on April 18, 2007. Lester informs him that no one can leave the server despite his claims to the contrary. Beluga gave it a shot, but it didn't take. He then informed Lester that he has an e-girl address but that he has only sent him a rick roll link. For that, Lester muted him for 13 hours.

On Lester's Minivan on April 19, 2021, Beluga spoke with Eugene. When Beluga inquired about his place of employment, Eugene replied that nobody had asked and denied that he had. He also referred to Eugene as an egg. In a fit of rage, Eugene ping-muted Lester, who silenced Beluga for a week. [4]

The Beluga joined Pablo's Pub on June 23rd, 2021. He asked for mod as his first action. He began to spam when Pablo, the server's Head Admin, requested him to quiet down, and Pablo eventually silenced him.

Later, he made an attempt to impress Pablo by boasting about his proficiency in English, ownership of 31 Discord servers, work as a bot developer, and employment at Subway. Pablo mute him because he wasn't impressed.

Then Beluga changed his Discord name to "Beluwuga" and his profile image to an anime chick. He once more requested mod from Pablo and revealed to him his gender. The plan was successful, and Beluga was appointed Mod. Pablo then asked if they would want to go on a date and provided a list of many eateries. However, when Beluga, now using his usual account, informed him that he was craving food from Subway, Pablo realised he had been duped.

Beluga's 14-day silence on Lester's Minivan ended on May 3, 2021. When he enlisted the aid of Skittle, he did it as Skittle-chan. Beluga afterwards asked him if he wanted to be his girlfriend after he told Lester that he is looking for a relationship. Beluga was prohibited by Lester after he became offended. Now that Skittle and Lester were on their own, Skittle had been abducted and had been missing for a very long period. Beluga ultimately saved him [4].

Beluga joined a server as Beluwuga on July 1st, 2021. When Beluwuga said he was leaving the server following a disagreement with Pablo, who was a moderator there, Pablo encouraged him to stay and told Beluga that he loved him. He prompted him to click on a link after engaging in some light flirting, which revealed Beluga's IP. The address was obtained after he requested the actual Beluga track the IP. It turns out to be someplace around Pyongyang, North Korea's Pongwa station. Pablo then purchased a ticket to North Korea, where he met Beluga, who was revealed to be a human.

In Pablo's Pub on March 21, 2007, Beluga and Skittle were debating whether ketchup or mustard is preferable. Then Pablo logged on to the internet and started sending messages, but Beluga and Skittle simply ignored him. Resuming the dialogue was Skittle. Beluga was silenced when Pablo became irate. Beluga and Skittle then made plans for nighttime takeover of the server.

The following morning at 3 AM, Beluga posted a meme in Pablo's Pub's general chat. Pablo is then questioned about why he just has a beard on his neck and not his chin. Pablo declares a new server rule that states, "Staff disrespect is henceforth punished by death," and he appears to be very upset about it. After telling Pablo that he thought Beluga was pretty and asking for moderator, Skittle, also known as "skittle-chan," who had an anime girl profile photo, interrupted Pablo's plan to ban Beluga. Pablo gives him ownership because it appears that he thinks he's a girl. [5]

Beluga entered a server on July 8, 2021, and Theodore urged him to go because he needed Nitro to communicate in the server. Beluga attempted to create a phoney credit card number on a website in order to sign up for Discord Nitro, but the website instead took him to a page that read, "WARNING! your machine may be infected." Theodore responded to his spam message by saying, "I told you to leave." He makes an attempt to subtly persuade Theodore to buy him nitro, and Theodore responds by threatening to expel him. With a "uwu," Beluga requests nitro from Theodore. He then makes an attempt to win Theodore over by complaining that he only slept for an hour the night before, tripped over a Lego, burned his toast, and ran out of cereal. When Beluga objected, Theodore said, "Good, let me add to your agony." Then Beluga returned to the server as his female persona, Beluwuga. He spoke with Theodore, who also gave him some nitro. The next day, Beluga was reported gone, thus there was a price to pay for this. A "docter" then informed him that he had only one minute to live, but he was kind of spam (since by the end, it was clear that the beluga had either died or been hurt by his mother, belu-mom). However, Beluga continues to exist as Belu-mom becomes a yandere.)

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