cool math run 3


A brand-new galaxy is just begging to be discovered! Run and jump through the space tunnels by using the arrow keys. As you move around the environment, use the left and right arrow keys to rotate it.

Run 3 can be played in two different ways: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. Select Explore Mode to expand your Galaxy Map's levels. Along the way, the Runner might run into some friends as well as many new tunnels and locations.

Select Infinite Mode to run indefinitely. In this mode, power cells are dispersed throughout the tunnels. But be sure to monitor your step! In Infinite Mode, the game ends if you exit the tunnel. Power cells can be used to continue your run with a different character.

See where it all started in the first Run Series game, which has been 3D remastered!


Aliens with new abilities. As you go through the levels, you can unlock 9 different characters. You can instantly unlock new characters if you have enough power cells saved up! You can travel the cosmos using the unique skills that each alien has to offer. Try changing your character for a fresh one if you are caught in a challenging tunnel. For instance, the Skater will function better when there is snow!

Regulate your jumps. You can jump higher and for a longer period of time by pressing and holding the up arrow key. Tap the up arrow to make a tiny jump on platforms with a narrow space between them. You can prevent overshooting your landing by using this strategy.

Take a forward-looking posture. Focus on the platforms that are right in front of your character. Make note of all the tunnel's sides as you plan your subsequent jumps. You can turn the tunnels in this direction so that your character has lots of room to run by using this information to guide you.

endless repetition. The infinite mode is fantastic for practising as well as for gathering power cells to unlock characters! Try a few runs through the endless tunnels on the galaxy map if you're stuck on a level. Since the tunnels will vary each time, you'll get a good sense of the various challenges.


Run 3 and the original Run game can both be played without Flash. Our top priority has been to put these games online since Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported. It was converted to HTML along with about 100 other games from Flash.

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