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An endless runner game called Dinosaur Game was first included in Google Chrome. In order to keep users entertained when there is no internet connection, Google Chrome added the game as an easter egg in 2014. Over 270 million people play the t-rex-themed game known as Chrome Dino each month. When you are online, you can play the Dinosaur Game on Poki in fullscreen mode.

Other names for the dinosaur game include Google Dinosaur Game, No Internet Game, Chrome Dino, and T-Rex Game. On a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can play the online game without charge.

How do I play the dinosaur game on Google Chrome?

On a keyboard, press the spacebar to begin the game; on a smartphone, tap the dinosaur once. By tapping or using the spacebar, leap over the obstacles to avoid them.

What happens in the Dinosaur Game when you reach level 99,999?

You have then earned the highest score possible. When you reach this point, the score resets to 0.

Who is the author of the dinosaur game?

As members of the Chrome UX team, Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel, and Alan Bettes created the game in 2014.

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