the hunger games: the ballad of songbirds and snakes

 When Coriolanus Snow, then 18 years old, mentors Lucy Gray Baird, the female tribute from District 12, he sees a chance for a change in fortunes years before he eventually becomes the oppressive president of Panem.

Release date: 17 November 2023 (USA)
Director: Francis Lawrence
Producers: Francis Lawrence, Nina Jacobson, Bradford Simpson
Screenplay: Michael Arndt, Suzanne Collins, Michael Lesslie
Music director: James Newton Howard
Production companies: Lionsgate, Color Force, Good Universe

18-year-old Coriolanus Snow, before he became the oppressive President of Panem. Although the Snow family has struggled financially, the handsome and endearing young Coriolanus sees the opportunity for a turn around in his circumstances when he is selected to serve as a mentor for the tenth Hunger Games. only to have his joy dashed when he was given the responsibility of mentoring the girl tribute from the underdeveloped District 12.

The book follows young Coriolanus "Coryo" Snow, who is very different from the harsh president shown in the original trilogy and is set in the world of The Hunger Games 64 years before the first instalment. Before the battle that led to the formation of the Hunger Games ten years ago, the Snow family used to be among the wealthiest in the Capitol. Now an orphan, Coryo lives with his grandmother and his cousin Tigris in an apartment they cannot afford since they lack the funds to buy food or clothing.

Coryo is selected to coach a tribute in the upcoming tenth Hunger Games based on his academic prowess at the Academy, the most exclusive high school in the Capitol. He is given Lucy Gray Baird, a female tribute from District 12, who is a member of the Covey, a roving band that was compelled to settle in District 12 after the war started. After singing during the reaping and sneaking a disguised snake into the dress of Mayfair, the spiteful mayor's daughter, who had orchestrated for her to be selected as tribute out of jealously over a lad named Billy Taupe, Lucy Gray attracts the attention of the Capitol. Since winning the games will likely secure the financial award he requires to attend the University, Coryo is determined to make a good impression.

Coryo makes the decision to meet Lucy Gray at the railway station where the tributes are expected to arrive and ends up in the same transport van as them by accident. Some of the tributes are deterred from killing him by Lucy Gray after she forewarns them that their family will probably be punished. The astonished Coryo and the tributes are dropped off at the Capitol Zoo by the transport van. He and Lucy Gray take advantage of the chance to put on a show and start winning over the Capitol's residents.

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